Landscaped gardens and embedded solar panels form a wing-shaped roof on town centre building design by Weatherhead Architecture.

Proposed for the Swedish county of Halland, Butterfly Square features two L-shaped residential buildings that are angled to look like the open wings of a butterfly.   

The buildings are clad in glass, stone and timber and have been intersected by a pedestrian-friendly promenade, made up of recreational spaces, retail shops and a sunken amphitheatre.

Rising up from either side of the promenade are two heavily landscaped green roofs, where rare hårginsten flowers will be planted in a bid to attract endangered ginst butterflies to the area.

Weatherhead architects have also embedded solar panels throughout the green roofs to mimic the way butterflies obtain energy from the sun through their wings.

Large skylights on the rooftops will help to deliver natural light into the residential and retail units below.

Construction on Butterfly Square is expected to begin in 2016.

Courtesy World Architecture News