Since 2012, The Trusted Brands survey has counted more than 30,000 votes cast upon Australian architecture and design brands to produce an industry benchmark of the Top 100 Trusted Brands.

The call for voting is now open and the 5th instalment of the survey will report on the movement in brands that are held in the highest regard of architecture and design professionals. 

When choosing a supplier or partner to work with, trust is a powerful differentiator. The Top 100 reveals those brands most recognised by industry to uphold a relationship beyond the sale, time and time again. 

“While brand awareness has always been one of the hardest things to measure, the issue of brand trust is a far more tangible set of criteria to gauge. And our Top Trusted Brands survey is one of the best ways to understand where your brand sits on the trust scale,” says editor of Architecture and Design, Branko Miletic. 

The top of Trust 

Caroma, CSR Gyprock, Dulux and The Laminex Group have maintained a top 10 position in all four previous surveys. CSR Gyprock brand manager Alisha Mykytowycz has shared her insights on managing a top trusted brand, commenting: 

“A customer's continually evolving ability to research prior to engaging means they are conscious of your ethos/presentation of brand and offer/credentials prior to first engagement, so meeting their pre-conceived expectations – and then exceeding them – is a key for building trust.”  

She adds that the key to maintaining and building a trustworthy brand are “Consistency and quality, modernity (evolving to meet – and exceed changing customer needs) and reliability”.

This year the survey endeavours to uncover what drives brand trust by measuring three pillars of trust:

  • Quality: a commitment to effectiveness, durability or innovation 
  • Consciousness: a commitment to safety, social and environmental concerns
  • Candour: a commitment to transparent, sincere and honest communications

Cast your vote now

Your vote is important. This year we’re questioning what defines trust and how brands demonstrate the three pillars of trust.