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NSW Architects might be pleased to hear that a new software plugin for SketchUp and Revit, capable of rapidly generating compliance reports on SEPP 65 sunlight requirements, is now available .

According to software company Sefaira, the new analysis capability of their ‘Direct Sunlight Analysis’ plugin means architects can easily produce SEPP 65 compliance reports from either Trimble’s SketchUp or Autodesk’s Revit software programs in minutes and at any time in the design process.

They say the software will allow rapid simulations and enable iterative design, providing architects with a less cumbersome method for producing SEPP 65 direct sunlight calculations.

By integrating daylight analytics throughout the design workflow, Sefaira claims that property owners and developers will be able to easily check designs before council submission where local planning authorities can then double check compliance, without adding time and cost delays.

BVN Principal Matthew Blair explains that this software will comfort those clients who want to know early on if a particular project will meet SEPP 65 requirements and also allow his firm to more easily improve the amenity of their projects.

“By using Sefaira, we can speed up the design/test/design process - we can understand solar access from the very start of design and rapidly iterate [the design],” he explains.

“Being able to rapidly visualise and accurately quantify the actual solar access to living, working and public spaces during the design process is a very powerful tool to help improve the amenity and liveability of our cities.”