Scott Carver has been given a Development Approval for the Rozelle Laneways development, a mixed-use development at the former Balmain Leagues Club site.

Approved by the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel, this approval marks an important milestone in the renewal of one of Sydney’s most recognisable dilapidated sites.

“Our proposal has been generated from a clear site strategy which deļ¬nes two distinct worlds, the public place; for the whole inner west community which is separated by level from private spaces; for the amenity of the apartment residents. The public offer is generated from the outside, with street treatments to enhance the presence of the site in its surrounding neighbourhood,” says Doug Southwell, director Architecture, Scott Carver.

This new public place is designed to complement the existing network of spaces. It aims to create a complimentary offer for the community with elements of its character drawn from those which make the existing area of Balmain and Rozelle uniquely special places in Sydney,” he says.

At the centre of this public place, acting as the community heart is the Plaza; providing a daily place to meet, dine and play with the flexibility to host larger community events and, is anchored by the new Balmain Club.

Situated above the plaza and capturing extensive views from the CBD to the east; and Parramatta to the west is the residential apartment village.

Residents will have access to a range of communal open space creating a rich tapestry of landscape offers that provide a variety of choice between active and passive spaces, communal and more intimate spaces.

Directly beneath the residential component, boasting views into the plaza below sit the co-working facilities forming the creative commercial campus and providing a true live-work experience.

Formerly built for the Balmain Tigers Rugby League Football Club in the 1960’s, the site has been vacant since 2010, with numerous development proposals previously rejected.  

Image: Supplied