The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s deputy secretary for Place and Infrastructure in Greater Sydney Brett Whitworth says his Department will create a strategic plan for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) that sets a 20-year vision for the 6,000-hectare corridor.

The delivery of vital infrastructure will be front and centre for the NSW Government’s strategic planning and delivery of new homes, jobs and open space in and around Greater Sydney’s Central River City.

“Greater Parramatta already has a diverse and growing economy, supporting more than 150,000 jobs and 190,000 people. New infrastructure and strategic planning will bring more jobs, homes, and fantastic open space,” says Whitworth.

“Our planning will rely on extensive work already undertaken by the Greater Sydney Commission that details what infrastructure is needed, where and when it should be delivered, and how much it will cost. With this infrastructure assessment already laid out, we can ensure development happens at the right time in the right place.”

The Department will develop a strategic plan that includes a staging, sequencing and implementation plan for development from Strathfield to Westmead and Carlingford to Lidcombe as well as a Special Infrastructure Contribution scheme.

Whitworth says the Department will also create a Place Strategy for Camellia-Rosehill given its significant strategic role in the economic corridor.

“Camellia will be a critical part of Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula, but it has a number of complicated constraints that require planning for the area to be holistic and strategic, including remediation, flooding and infrastructure requirements.

“We will develop a Place Strategy to help transform this industrial area into a vibrant hub to create new jobs, homes, entertainment facilities, open space and a promenade along the Parramatta.”

Caption: Rosehill Gardens Racecourse Masterplan, Camellia, Sydney, courtesy MELF.