Australia’s iconic Mogo Wildlife Park has almost completed construction of a new hospital with the help of funds donated by Atlas Advisors Australia and its investors towards bushfire recovery.

Atlas Advisors Australia raised $30,000 for the WWF-Australia’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and Mogo Wildlife Park to help rehabilitate displaced and injured animals and revive natural habitats following the devastating bushfires earlier this year.

Director of Mogo Wildlife Park Chad Staples says the funds from Atlas Advisors Australia went towards the construction of a new wildlife rescue hospital that would play a vital role in servicing the region.

Mogo Wildlife Park is located on the south coast of New South Wales and has an amazing collection of endangered and exotic animal species, many of which came under threat during last years’ bushfires.

“We fought very hard to save and protect native animals including koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and wallabies throughout the bushfires but sadly millions of others perished,” Staples says.

“Our newly equipped hospital means we will be able to help our community by providing a new hub for protecting wildlife.”

Staples says existing foundations were able to be repurposed to build the hospital. The wildlife park is still seeking some diagnostic and medical equipment.

“Smaller veterinary surgeries around the state are critical but they do not have the resources to assist in large scale disasters,” he says.

“We hope this new facility will be the best in Australia, enabling governments, environmental and animal services to be able to turn to us at any time to help sick, injured or orphaned animals.”

Image: Mogaz News