An Iranian design studio has introduced a unique roof system that collects rainwater for harvesting in water-deficient arid environments.

Unveiled recently by BM Design Studios, the Concave Roof is a double roof system featuring bowl-like structures designed for the purpose of rainwater collection. Given the low precipitation in this area, which is less than one-third of the world average, accompanied by the high evaporation rate at more than three times the world average, the concave roof system offers an efficient way to harvest even the smallest quantities of rain before evaporation.

The bowl-shaped structures not only assist with rainwater collection but also provide additional shading and promote free movement of air, functioning as a cooling mechanism for both roofs.

The concave roof system has been installed at a school with 923sqm of concave roof area to collect at least 28 cubic metres of water, with 60 per cent efficiency. The design studio is working on the unique concept to further improve the efficiency.

The rainwater will be stored in reservoirs connected to the collection systems and placed between building walls – this design will control temperatures in indoor spaces, helping lower the overall carbon footprint resulting from the use of air conditioning in the harsh environment.

The concave roof system by BM Design Studios is recommended for use in arid climates where lack of water could potentially lead to mass displacement of the population.

Images: courtesy of BM Design Studios