Fibrelite is offering a lightweight composite alternative to conventional heavy metal access covers. Fibrelite’s lightweight composite access covers are attracting the attention of various industries that seek to replace the traditionally used metal and concrete access covers with the composite model.

Fibrelite Managing Director Ian Thompson reports that they have been receiving several new enquiries from industries including rail, ports and airports, water, gas and electricity companies, power stations, retail and commercial developments, telecoms, sports arenas and stadiums about their composite access covers.

There is increased preference for the new composite access covers among industries in response to changing regulations, strict health and safety policies and whole life cost. Ian adds that their manhole and service trench covers are being specified by architects.

Designed for safe lifting and replacement

With RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) statistics attributing over half of the injuries resulting in absence from work to manual handling, it is important for workplaces to prioritise reducing hazards in this area.

Fibrelite access covers feature up to two lifting points for specially designed lifting handles, allowing the worker to remove the cover without trapping fingers or having to bend over, maximising the safety of the lifting technique.

Corrosion resistant

Metal products used in infrastructure such as bridges, highways, rail network, water lines and sewer systems face progressive deterioration from corrosion. GRP products are also now being widely used for applications where corrosion can destroy underground infrastructure.

Customised, coloured covers for identification

Fibrelite’s composite access covers are available with company branding in various colours in response to customer demand. Logos or any other marking can be permanently moulded into the upper surface of the cover in single or multiple colours. For additional brand or product identification, or to blend in with the colour or layout of a facility, Fibrelite can mould its composite covers in nearly any colour or combination of colours.

Bespoke designs available

Fibrelite can also provide bespoke and custom trench covering solutions against request, allowing trench cover dimensions, internal stiffeners and fibre architecture to be altered to optimise the performance of each panel based on project specific design criteria.