Strata property owners have just over a month to comply with stage one of the Queensland Government’s new combustible cladding regulations.

Friday 29 March is the deadline for buildings to complete an online registration process linked here.

According to Strata Professionals Partner Andrew Staehr, bodies corporate struggling to complete the compliance checklist have until Friday 1 March to apply for an extension.

Strata property owners will be required to complete stage one of the process if:

  1. Their building was given development approval after 1 January, 1994, but before 1 October, 2018, to either build the building or to alter the building; and
  2. Is a Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 building; and
  3. Is of a Type A or Type B construction

“Once the 29 March deadline has passed, in addition to risking fines for non-compliance, a building industry professional report will have to be provided to the QBCC,” says Queensland Building and Construction (QBCC) Commissioner, Brett Bassett.

Buildings that fail to complete stage one of the process will face additional costs in the form of fines up to 20 penalty points, according to Staehr. 

Image: Premium Strata