Cumulus this week has celebrated its 10th anniversary as an award-winning architecture and design studio, after forming in Hobart and Launceston in 2011.

Expanding into Melbourne and Adelaide, the Cumulus team includes over 40 dedicated architects, designers, and administrative team members creating unique residential, commercial, tourism, and social housing designs. Despite the distance, the team works as a single entity.

Over the ten year period, the practice has produced a number of notable projects, including Darkwood Residence, recently featured in Grand Designs Australia, the Pumphouse Point hotel in Tasmania’s Central Highlands, the striking Protagonist at Arts Centre Melbourne, and the award-winning Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre.

cradle mountain visitor centre cumulus

“There are many defining moments for Cumulus over the past ten years, and we owe a lot to our regular clients and collaborators,” says Cumulus Director Peter Walker.

“Like opening up offices in Melbourne and Adelaide, Cradle Mountain was one of those significant projects — a huge stepping stone for us as it’s a design experienced and enjoyed by thousands of people.”

The studio has recently announced Ponderosa, its first major South Australian tourism project, and is creating the landscape and urban design framework for Hobart’s Macquarie Point precinct.

Cumulus’ approach remains centred on creating considered, high-quality architecture within a respectful, collaborative work environment irrespective of the nature of each project.

“Despite our growth and high-profile projects over the past decade, we remain a studio that believes good ideas can come from anywhere, from any team member, our clients and the communities surrounding a project,” says Director Todd Henderson.

“That’s why we always maintain open conversations on every project, inevitably helping us to create inclusive and respectful designs, ones that encapsulate our values. We don’t want to lose sight of that.”


For Cumulus’ Directors, the studios’ designs are complemented by a diverse team, which continue to bring fresh perspectives and foster important conversations on everything from refining sustainable processes to the studio’s continued focus on engaging Aboriginal voices.

“Cumulus remains an environment where creativity is encouraged and celebrated. All staff have a licence to be creative and bring their ideas to projects,” adds Director Keith Westbrook.

“I am proud of the beautiful designs we’ve produced over the last ten years, but I am most proud of our amazing team and emerging leaders within our studio. The care and support they offer each other, and the company, has been truly inspirational,” says Director Kylee Scott.

“We’d like to thank all our clients, collaborators, and partners who have worked with us and we look forward to the next ten years.”

Images: Supplied