Victoria's Monash University has completed its new $145-million student accommodation precinct with building designs from Hayball, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCB), Richard Middleton Architects and McBride Charles Ryan, and masterplanning from MGS Architects and partners. 

Consisting of 1,000 studio apartments across four new residential buildings with associated retail and informal learning spaces, the project was executed over a year-long period by Brookfield Multiplex in time for the start of the 2016 academic year.

According to the builders, there were several challenges during the execution of the project from the complex designs and multiple stakeholders, with four architects appointed to ensure each building had its own individual architectural style.

The buildings included Monash University Logan Hall by McBride Charles Ryan, two new residential buildings, Holman Hall and Campbell Hall, by Hayball and Richard Middleton Architects, and one by JCB called Turner Hall. 

Monash University Logan Hall by McBride Charles Ryan. Photography by John Gollings

Hayball and Richard Middleton Architects designed two residential buildings called Holman Hall and Campbell Hall.
Turner Hall by JCB Architects. Photography by John Gollings

All buildings include common areas such as games rooms and lounge areas with shared landscaped areas.

Another challenge for the contractor came from the use of about 3,500 fast-tracked precast concrete panels, which had to be designed, manufactured and delivered in time for the concrete pour on each level. The use of prefabricated bathroom pods manufactured off-site and later installed into position, and locally produced materials including facade glazing elements helped accelerate construction.

ESD features such as shade fins on the facade to increase thermal comfort and minimise the need for air-conditioning and thermal stack chimneys were incorporated into the design of the four residential buildings to help achieve a 5 Star Green Star as-built rating. These ESD features combined with eco materials including eco plasterboard and laminates to create a massive green build.