Studio Nine (S9) Architects has collaborated with Revolution Roofing to design a series of new architectural steel wall cladding profiles named ‘Nineline’.

Born out of a mixture of curiosity and frustration, the idea was borne through a sports project within the S9 office.

“Sports architecture is typically clad in a single, cost effective, prefinished material across a large-scale façade — one design move on mass”, says Studio Nine Architects Director, Andrew Steele.

“When you graduate you very quickly learn the materials you have to work with in architecture. Architects are heavily driven by the products available to them”, says Steele. Wanting a bespoke solution for the project and the opportunity for true architectural freedom, he began designing alternatives.

Steele approached Revolution Roofing to understand the potential for designing and manufacturing new products. “We asked ourselves the question, if we had the freedom and the choice (to design a new profile), where would you go with it?”

Where function typically informs the form, S9 challenged Revolution Roofing to take a different approach.

“We wanted to flip the process on its head — starting with a form and reverse engineering it from there”, says Steele.

Through exploration of how the simple shapes can be used to create varying derivatives, the ‘Studio 100’ uses a repeated combination of the sawtooth, batten and box profiles to create a unique form.

The profile is a demonstration of the series’ potential to allow the architectural industry the freedom to mix and match and create something that’s bespoke to their own project.

Image: Supplied