Each year, the editor’s at Architecture & Design write about many multi-residential complexes. Architects continue to refine their designs, creating spaces with opulent amenity and places to not only live, but grow.

With the need to reduce emissions and the challenges of an ongoing housing crisis, it's important that those in the built environment build sustainably when creating multi-residential structures. There are many studios and personnel leading the charge, pairing wonderfully designed facilities with sustainable features. These projects are the ideal candidates for the Multi-Residential Dwelling category at the Sustainability Awards.

To be eligible for the category, architects are asked to submit the design of a new townhouse, duplex or residential complex that contains multiple residential dwellings. Projects nominated under this category are classifiable as Class 2 or Class 3 buildings. The design of the building must be efficient, with an eye to potentially repurposing or using recycled materials to reduce the footprint of the build.

Breese St, designed by Breathe Architecture with Milieu Property was crowned the winner of the category in 2021. Designed as a collaboration between DKO Architecture, Breathe Architecture and Milieu Property, Breese St was informed through careful study of the requirements of urban living anchored in nurturing community and championing sustainability. The architecture fits the narrative of the inner city Melbourne suburb of Brunswick’s past industrial heritage, also while leading to a sustainable future.

breese st

In approaching the project, the design team prioritised ethics over aesthetics. Smaller footprints, less applied finishes, more robust materials and more efficient construction – aiming to build less and give more. Careful attention was paid to the lifecycle of each material used and the project was designed with material sustainability at the forefront. Included were recycled materials and recyclable, low carbon and locally sourced products were used where possible. The design features low VOC materials, recycled timber floors, carbon neutral bathroom tiles and raw brass tapware.

Electrolux is the official category partner for the Multi-Residential Dwelling category in 2022. A renowned brand recognised nationwide, Electrolux seeks to make life easier for those who utilise their appliances with the additional goal of assisting the earth. Through creating desirable solutions and great experiences that enrich peoples’ daily lives and the health of our planet, the company aims to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living.

2022’s Sustainability Awards features a staggering 12 categories that will be announced at a live event in Sydney at the end of the year. The Awards will are now open, so start compiling your entries and make your submissions here.