The art of breathing life into a former designer’s work forms the heart of the Sustainability Awards' Single Dwelling Alteration/Addition category. Here, the spotlight shines on architects who transform ageing structures, often steeped in history, into sustainable havens tailored to modern needs.

This category celebrates renovations and extensions that go beyond mere aesthetics. It's a balancing act – maintaining a building's heritage while simultaneously addressing usability and sustainability concerns. Think energy efficiency, smart use of space, and solutions that work specifically for single-family homes.

Last year, Alexander Symes Architect's "Music Room" (pictured) project stood out in this category, taking home back-to-back ‘SD(A)’ titles for the esteemed practice. 

Nestled in a conservation area, the project faced a unique challenge: mitigating air pollution from a nearby temple while still allowing for music production within the home. The solution? "Enerphit Certification," a strategy that maximises energy efficiency while respecting the existing structure.

This year, the Sustainability Awards is delighted to once again partner with Deco, a champion of sustainable aluminium, for the Single Dwelling (Alteration) category. Unlike timber or plastic, aluminium boasts infinite recyclability without compromising quality. This focus on responsible material choices underscores the company’s commitment to a holistic approach to sustainability.

The 2024 Sustainability Awards promise to be a landmark event, showcasing the best in sustainable design for single dwellings and beyond. From innovative renovations to cutting-edge material choices, the ceremony will celebrate the architects shaping a greener tomorrow. 

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