Australia has a housing shortage. There is a complete lack of affordable and/or social housing throughout the country and with a growing population, this is fast becoming an issue. 

While the shortage of housing is certainly dire, what could exacerbate this is that we irresponsibly build additional housing without being conscious of the environment. It's imperative that we build new dwellings sustainably and look to minimise carbon emissions concurrently creating living spaces for future generations.

Those who are recognised as finalists and winners for the Single Dwelling (New) category at the Sustainability Awards are leading the way forward for new builds that do not bring harm to the wider world. Designers are urged to submit a design of a single-residential building that has been designed and constructed during the last 12 months. As this is the Sustainability Awards, we don’t need to tell you that submissions for the category must be environmentally aware.

urban home build

Sustainable Building & Design’s Urban Green Home Build is the reigning champion of the Single Dwelling (New) category. Urban Green Home Build is a project that sits within a community of homes with a mandate to be light-filled, comfortable and with a small carbon footprint. At the core of the project was innovation that would showcase a revolution in sustainable building practices.

The home was constructed using recycled materials, with structural timber, floorboards and roofing from the original home put to use in the new build. Locally fabricated timbercrete blocks replaced brick and envirocrete took the place of traditional concrete.

Stormtech is the proud sponsor of the Single Dwelling (New) category for 2022. Renowned for supplying premium drainage products and solutions for Australian projects, Stormtech is a believer in high-quality products that ultimately ensure sustainability. Constructed with top end materials and composed to the highest possible standards, Stormtech is a proud advocate of sustainability.

Entries open soon for the 2022 edition of the Sustainability Awards. We’d love to see your entry considering they're now open! Enter here.