Against the global backdrop of climate emergency and growing water scarcity concerns, the safety and quality of our drinking water are paramount. Naturally, the architecture, design, and construction industry shoulders a profound responsibility, and in Australia, this duty is amplified by factors like the harsh, variable climate, high agricultural demand, urbanisation, and the increasing frequency of drought brought on by climate change.

This sense of duty is reflected in robust compliance regulations for drinking water systems. Designed to protect consumers from potential hazards, these regulations cover everything from the materials used in water infrastructure to the treatment processes employed – and the pivotal role of certifications in this intricate ecosystem cannot be overstated. They enable manufacturers to demonstrate their adherence to these complex regulations, giving industry professionals the much-needed assurance that the products they specify are safe, reliable, and fit for purpose. In fact, regulatory bodies often mandate the use of certified products, making certifications a prerequisite for market entry.

For Billi, a leading global provider of innovative, high-quality water solutions for residential and commercial environments, certifications are a fundamental part of the company’s identity. As a global enterprise, the manufacturer has a dedicated team managing certifications across its core markets worldwide – including Australia – to ensure that Billi’s extensive range of products adheres to the complex and stringent network of local, national, and international regulations.

Multifaceted certification strategy


Billi’s comprehensive approach to certifications extends beyond compliance to encompass a holistic view of product safety, sustainability, and wellness, and health and safety are one of the fundamental drivers of Billi’s certifications strategy.

The WaterMark certification from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is a prime example of this commitment, ensuring compliance with national plumbing and drainage standards and incorporating WELS ratings for water efficiency. Additionally, Billi's products comply with international electrical certifications, like the RCM or CE marks, further demonstrating their commitment to safety and fitness for purpose.

Internationally recognised as a standard for quality management, Billi’s ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, and proves that the manufacturer has appropriate systems in place to support their products over their life cycle.

Participation in stringent testing and adherence to quality standards associated with achieving these certifications guarantee that Billi's products are free from harmful substances, further safeguarding public health.

Another crucial aspect of Billi’s certification strategy is sustainability and wellness. Billi’s commitment in this space is exemplified by its achievements of two crucial certifications for their flagship Quadra range – the Global Greentag LCARate Gold certification and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) EN 15804.


The EPD provides a comprehensive assessment of Quadra's environmental impact throughout its full lifecycle, while the LCARate Gold certification signifies that the range meets stringent criteria for sustainability, contributing to a healthier and more environmentally responsible built environment, with no ozone depletion potential and a negligible direct global warming effect. The locally designed and manufactured product range has also been recognised for its outstanding durability, as well as its water and energy efficiency.

Billi has been a Cornerstone member of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) since 2019, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing water systems and overall wellness in the built environment. In addition, the company is pursuing the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, further highlighting Billi’s dedication to minimising its environmental impact.

Lastly, Billi has recently obtained the HACCP International certification for tailored drinking water solutions and food zone safety in ‘Food Zone Primary (FZP)’. Issued by an independent, internationally recognised organisation specialising in food safety, Billi’s certification statement (PE-138-BIL-R1-01) proves that their products have successfully undergone rigorous evaluation for safe use in areas in direct contact with food. In essence, this certification provides assurance that their drinking water solutions uphold the highest food safety standards, and minimise any risk of contamination.

Multiple benefits for industry professionals


It goes without saying that this comprehensive certification strategy has immense benefits for the environment, the end user – and for architects, designers and specifiers.

By choosing Billi's certified products, specifiers not only equip the end user with access to cutting-edge water solutions that enhance the functionality, efficiency and longevity of buildings – they do so knowing that the chosen fixtures meet, or even exceed, relevant regulations and standards, while prioritising the health and safety of building occupants.

These benefits allow industry professionals to create a more sustainable built environment, and achieve higher ratings in green building schemes in the process. Billi's certifications align with various green building rating tools, including Green Star in Australia and New Zealand or Homestar in New Zealand. On top of that, they also align with globally recognised tools, like LEED, which can offer tremendous project benefits both domestically and internationally.

Billi's dedication to certification not only ensures the safety, quality, and sustainability of their products but also opens doors to opportunities on a local and global scale. These certifications, evaluated by independent third-party assessors, highlight both compliance and unique points of difference, providing a clear competitive edge – and making Billi's products more likely to be specified in tenders favouring certified products.

But Billi's unwavering commitment to independent verification is certainly more than just a business strategy – it's a promise of a better future. In a world facing increasing challenges of climate change and water scarcity, Billi's dedication to certified excellence offers an opportunity to specify products that combine quality, innovation, environmental responsibility – and help protect our most precious resource.