Billi, a pioneering force in sustainable hydration solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation: the OmniOne Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling water system. Released earlier this year, this innovative fusion of Billi’s renowned energy-saving technologies with new ground-breaking capabilities and packaging solutions marks a pivotal moment in Billi’s sustainability journey. While the elegant, streamlined body requires 40% less space when compared to similar models, this innovative product bursts with a performance and environmental profile that outshines the competition, significantly shifting the goalposts for water system specification.

Tapping into Billi’s existing technologies

Building upon its legacy of eco-conscious innovation, the OmniOne leverages Billi's existing technologies to achieve exceptional energy efficiency, far surpassing previous air-cooled models. The system's Heat Exchange technology utilises water's superior heat transfer capabilities to optimise performance, reliability, and longevity. During the chilling process, waste heat is generated, but Billi's Energy Reclaim technology captures this heat and repurposes it to preheat water for boiling. Plus, with an exchange coil with almost triple the volume, the system can circulate greater volumes of water over a longer period, optimising both performance and longevity.

These energy-saving features, combined with intelligent modes and ACBC-compliant automatic time switches, minimise energy wastage during periods of inactivity, significantly reducing the OmniOne's carbon footprint. This not only aligns with the growing demand for sustainable building solutions but also translates to reduced operating costs for the occupants.6682_OmniOne-Unit_Front.jpg

Sustainability inside…

While these flagship technologies offer outstanding environmental benefits in their own right, what really stands out about the OmniOne is the pioneering integration of R290 Green Gas, a hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant that has a very low impact on the environment. What makes it a greener choice?

In contrast to other refrigerants, like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), R290, as a hydrocarbon, does not contain ozone-depleting substances which means its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is zero. Moreover, OmniOne has a remarkably low Global Warming Potential (GWP). GWP measures how much a gas traps heat in the atmosphere compared to the same amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) over a specific time period, making GWP a crucial factor in assessing a refrigerant's contribution to climate change. R290 has a GWP of 3, meaning it traps heat only three times as much as CO2. Compared to other commonly used refrigerants, like R410A (GWP 2088) or R134a (GWP 1430), R290's GWP is significantly lower, making it a much more climate-forward option. While OmniOne is Billi’s first product to use R290 Green Gas, it’s now been adopted across Billi’s full range of water-cooled systems.

… and out

This trailblazing water system pushes the boundaries of sustainability in more ways than one – and not only on the inside. Billi’s trial case for more refined, and environmentally driven packaging and material choices, OmniOne’s meticulously designed packaging eliminates foam in favour of recyclable cardboard, while the refrigeration insulation is crafted from recycled EPS and EPP materials, sourced through a long-standing partnership with Polyfoam, a sustainable supply chain partner based in Melbourne.

This welcome development is yet another step in Billi’s pursuit of more sustainable solutions and offers an exciting glimpse into what’s currently in the works – the manufacturer is actively exploring further packaging enhancements, with a focus on incorporating post-consumer waste materials and removing soft plastics.


Less is more

Now, the body itself has no VOCs or BPAs present, while copper has been replaced with stainless steel, offering specifiers peace of mind when it comes to indoor air quality and occupant’s health outcomes. This focus on the user experience is elevated by the fact that the new OmniOne is also exceptionally quiet. With a 70% decibel noise reduction during standard operation, this water system has been designed with occupant comfort in mind.

Noise isn’t the only aspect that sees a reduction – the new product requires less space than the previous all-in-one models, already renowned in the design industry for their space-saving capabilities. OmniOne takes it to the next level. Designed with the very purpose of ensuring that designers and end users can benefit from more space, OmniOne consolidates the design configuration from a dual module solution into a single, under-bench control module. The result? Much greater freedom and choice when it comes to design and use of kitchens or break-out spaces.

Stream of evidence

Beyond meeting industry standards, OmniOne's advanced sustainability profile is further evidenced by its ongoing Life Cycle Assessment with Global GreenTag, as part of its pursuit of LCARate certification. This rigorous evaluation comprehensively assesses the environmental impact of the product throughout its entire lifecycle, and – as most industry professionals will know – this is particularly valuable for projects aiming for green building certifications like LEED or Green Star, where LCA data is often required.

Additionally, Billi's participation in the Works With Well certification program, alongside its membership in the International WELL Building Institute, underscores the company's dedication to promoting human health and well-being through sustainable design. The OmniOne's alignment with WELL Building Standards ensures that it not only minimises environmental impact but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment for building occupants – an essential consideration for industry professionals and the end users.

Furthermore, Billi's pursuit of ISO 14001 certification, an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems, further demonstrates the company's comprehensive approach to sustainability, encompassing everything from product design and manufacturing to supply chain management and waste reduction. Expected to be finalised later this year, the achievement of ISO 14001 is bound to position OmniOne as a highly appealing choice for specifiers – selecting products from ISO 14001-certified companies can help ensure compliance, mitigate risks and streamline the product selection process because they are more likely to meet stringent environmental requirements.


Repair before replace

Further solidifying OmniOne’s environmental profile, Billi's "repair before replace" philosophy demonstrates the brand’s commitment to circular economy, waste reduction and conservation of resources. But what does it mean in practice?

From a design point of view, it means that Billi creates products with longevity in mind, using high-quality materials and components built to last. Designed with modular parts, Billi’s products make it easy to replace or repair specific parts, ensuring no working components are unnecessarily removed. And with a comprehensive inventory of readily available spare parts, repairs can be carried out promptly and efficiently, too.

By prioritising repair over replacement, Billi not only reduces its environmental impact but also provides the end-users with long-lasting and cost-effective solutions, making it particularly relevant for architects, designers, and specifiers who are looking for durable and sustainable products that can contribute to a more circular economy.

Billi’s latest product release transcends the traditional concept of a water system, setting a new and compelling standard for innovative solutions that foster more sustainable, enduring and healthier spaces. The sleek, sophisticated and compact form boasts an exceptional array of environmentally-driven features, helping architects, designers, and specifiers advance their own sustainability aspirations and create comfortable interiors that prioritise both environmental responsibility and occupant well-being. And with a range of designer finishes to suit any modern kitchen, industry professionals can open the tap on better sustainable outcomes in any residential and commercial project.