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    When looking at selecting a cooktop the standard size is 60cm, enough for most households, however some brands offer cooktops as small as 30cm, slightly bigger at 70cm and the largest being 90cm. You may look at pairing a 30cm gas or induction cooktop with a 60cm cooktop of a different type, giving your client ultimate flexibility in the kitchen.

    No more boiling over

    BoilProtect* detects rising bubbles via vibration sensors and automatically reduces boiling water to a low simmer. No more constant monitoring, allowing your client to focus on other elements of their dish.

    *Applies to stainless steel and enamelled pots filled with water only.

    FlexZone - giving you room to move

    Sometimes we need to use a pot or pan that is larger than the standard size. With FlexZone they are given the ultimate flexibility. They can choose between using two cooking zones separately or link them together when they need more room. Boiling or high heat in no time

    PowerBoost offers them a rapid boil or high heat in a matter of seconds, giving them more time back in or out of the kitchen.

    Hands-free convenience

    When selecting a new cooktop it may be worth considering a new rangehood. With modern technology such as Hob2Hood, you want to ensure you select a compatible rangehood for your client to get the most out of their cooktop. Hob2Hood works with an infrared connection between the two, with the rangehood will automatically turning on and intuitively adjusting the fan speed and airflow to match their cooking.

    Use high heat for flavourful dishes

    With a wok burner they can cook with high heat and even flame distribution. Ranging from 14-19 MJ/h they can lock in flavour when cooking with gas.

    Take control quickly

    With easy knob and Dual Valve control they can cook all your favourite recipes, with quick and efficient heat. 


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