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    Norfolk Blinds

    External roller blinds

    Main solution

    The Axis SRS awning is a premium, versatile straight drop option ideal for: sun/UV protection, insect resistance, windy applications, enclosing a balcony, as well as light and heat control. The fabric is tensioned by utilising a floating channel and is ideal for enclosing courtyards, patios or balconies, essentially adding an extra room to the home as well as eliminating fabric blowouts. Two piece Side Channel designed to provide a neat, clean finish meaning no screws and rivets are visible.

    The floating channel creates installation flexibility as the fabric can “float” within the side channel and accommodate some out of square mounting surfaces and fabric shrinkages. The floating channel feature will also move with the wind and take strain off the welds and joins in the fabric. Clever sound bumpers have been incorporated into the floating channel to minimise noise when operating or in windy conditions.

    The Axis Cable awning is a great contemporary straight drop option for: sun/UV protection, air flow and where channels are not suitable. The cables are made of high tensile 2.5mm 316 grade marine stainless steel, making them perfect for coastal applications.

    Features and benefits:

    • Designed in Australian the Axis awning range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality.  Offering a full suite of awning styles including: Side Retention System (SRS), Cable guide, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm Awnings. 
    • The Axis awning range offers a common aesthetically appealing look across all products with a solution to meet every customer’s need. 
    • Selected products in the Axis awning range can span 5 metres wide (spring and internal winch 3.5 metres only) in either an enclosed headbox, open headbox or open roller option, a cost effective alternative to the market. in addition, the Axis awning range has a unique bottom rail that offers consumers added functionality such as: improved locking bolt, hold down straps, fabric valance options, concealed spline inserts, insect brush and the ability to add additional weight bars for windy conditions.

    The Axis awning range has been developed to offer maximum flexibility and ease of use for consumer operation.

    Manual Crank

    The 9:1 ratio gear ensures easy operation that is not dependent on the user’s strength. Specifically designed for straight drop applications, the 9:1 ratio gear can withstand high wind situations and is available in a selection of Black, grey and white for improved colour co-ordination with most fabrics. A great range of polished zinc crank handles are available in: 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm and 2400mm lengths.


    A range of external motor solutions allows the Axis awning range to be operated at the touch of a button or via a wall switch control. Also available is the latest automatic Tensioning Motor that permits the awning to be locked in position (with strap or locking bolt) and tensioned. Optional accessories include sun and wind sensors, integration into home automation systems providing intelligent awning control.

    Sustainable Options

    Incorporating the best of technology and design, to deliver a completely solar powered system. No hard wiring required for motor operation, eliminating the need for a certified electrician. Simple and easy to install, saving money, reducing energy costs and environmentally sustainable.

    Spring Operation

    Allows the awning to be manually pulled down to the required height and locked off using either the locking Bolt or hold Down Clip option. (only available up to 3500mm wide)


    The Axis awning System can be installed in different applications, including face, ceiling, or side fixing. By using the same universal bracket in both headbox and open roller configurations, installation is kept simple and consistent. To improve installation flexibility, an additional mounting plate (spreader) is available that can alter the fixing position by up to 250mm.

    What and where used

    Primarily designed for residential and multi-residential properties, Axis external shading solutions are also suitable in light and medium commercial developments.


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