Billard Leece Partnership (BLP) has announced the appointment of Steve Trevenar as the practice’s Executive Delivery Lead, completing the formation of its new executive team.

The executive team has been pieced together by Managing Director Tara Veldman. The team, six members in total, will support BLP Principals in delivering design outcomes, as well as strengthening BLP’s focus on research, translational design, and delivery. Each member brings a particular expertise to the team, including design, delivery, strategy, communications, marketing, business development, finance, and operations.

“We believe it is imperative to provide a ‘whole of life’ approach to buildings and, through the executive team, BLP is planning for the future. When partnering with clients, the knowledge and expertise of the new executive will ensure we provide the most comprehensive, creative and progressive design solutions to secure the best outcomes,” says Veldman.

Trevenar has spent the last 26 years of his career at Lendlease, with his expertise playing a major role in the development of large complex infrastructure projects, notably in healthcare, education and public infrastructure. His strength lies in the ability to help create better solutions, solve problems and then work with teams to achieve greater success within an organisation.

BLP’s Executive Design Lead, Tonya Hinde will work closely alongside Trevenar. She says she looks forward to working with the former Lend Lease employee.

“With Steve on the executive team there is the opportunity to take design and best practice delivery to another level. As architecture is paramount to what we do, so too is the way in which we deliver projects and with Steve’s understanding of process and his experience we can undoubtedly enhance and add value to all our projects,” she says.

BLP believes that in bringing different perspectives to the executive table, it is establishing a solid foundation where many voices speak collectively in order to achieve outstanding outcomes.

As Managing Director, Tara Veldman leads the executive team of Tonya Hinde, Steve Trevenar, Emily Gilfillan, Andrea Nixon, Chris Darge, and Mark Silva, supported by her fellow board of directors, including Ron Billard, Mark Mitchell, Adam Muggleton, and David Tregoning et al.

Image: Tara Veldman (center) with Steve Trevenar (right) and Tonya Hinde (left) / supplied.