The CRCLCL, which opened its doors in 2012, has come to the end of its government funding.

At the same time, the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) will also celebrate seven years of research achievements including being well on track to meet its founding target of a cumulative reduction in carbon emissions of 10 megatonnes by 2020 – a milestone achieved through the combined impact of its 150 research projects.

“The CRCLCL provided Australia with a unique opportunity to gather important new evidence to help ensure more sustainable cities in the future. The next crucial step is for this evidence to be implemented through new policies and better building developments, so the journey has really only just begun,” CRCLCL chief executive, professor Deo Prasad says.

“In the past seven years we have collaborated with industry, governments and six universities across Australia to develop evidence-based research and next-generation low-carbon materials and technologies. They are now available to be used by governments and built environment professionals,” he says.

He also indicated that some CRCLCL research is already becoming a reality.

“One of our PhD students - Dr Jemma Green - used blockchain technology in her research to trade energy between precinct residents and then went on to set up the energy trading company, PowerLedger, which won Richard Brandson’s Necker Island challenge last year,” said Professor Prasad.

“ClimateClever was also established by researcher Dr Vanessa Rauland, whose project is being rolled out nationally to educate school children on saving energy and waste by using the ClimateClever App,” he said.

“Future proofing cities to manage climate change and heatwaves to keep cool has also been a key focus of our research, producing the popular Guide to Urban Cooling Strategies and Cooling Guides, Cooling Western Sydney Report.

“Finally, our low carbon concrete is currently being trialled by NSW Ports in world first for coastal protection, and by the City of Sydney in a world first for roads,” concluded Prasad.