Peter Ciemitis, artist and urban planner has been appointed to a new advisory committee for the City of Perth which will assist in the City’s implementation of the Covid-19 Economic Rebound Strategy over the next 12 months.

Peter Ciemitis – Perth principal at urban planning and design practice RobertsDay and a practising visual artist – has been appointed to the City of Perth Covid-19 ‘Events, Culture and the Arts Advisory Committee’ this month. 

The Committee is one of three created to assist in the implementation of the City’s Economic Rebound Strategy, an $18 million relief and rebound package designed to provide support for businesses and the community impacted by the pandemic.
Peter was invited by the City to join the Committee due to his extensive contributions to arts, culture and planning in Perth. 

He was appointed co-chair of the City of Perth Cultural Advisory Committee in 2019, and sits on the WA State Design Review Panel, an independent, multi-disciplinary expert panel which provides design advice on major development proposals.
The Events, Culture and the Arts Advisory Committee was developed to support the City of Perth rebound quickly and restimulate the city centre during its recovery phase. 

It is responsible for developing partnerships between the City and community organisations and driving initiatives to help Perth recover as quickly as possible. 

Individuals were chosen based on their operational and community expertise and knowledge of the impact of Covid-19 on the arts and cultural community.
While the Committee is responsible for a collective contribution of ideas, Peter intends to encourage a stronger focus on indigenous culture. 

The focus on activation initiatives to re-energise Perth post-Covid aligns with the RobertsDay ethos in creating great places that breathe life into cities. 

Peter’s understanding of city functions will also allow him to contribute extensively to the Committee by  drawing on his expertise. Specifically, the Committee will look at opportunities for continued or increased events to support the central trading area, and how the City will navigate this in the post-Covid environment where social distancing and restrictions may still be in place.
“Our people, businesses and industries have all suffered as a result of the pandemic, both financially and socially. 

"Government restrictions and social distancing measures resulted in various cultural and art scenes temporarily closing – from public spaces to galleries and museums to concerts and our nightlife. 

"Not only does this minimise individual’s social interaction and enjoyment, but the arts and culture play a role in people’s mental health and happiness. 

"It’s important for the wellbeing of our communities and businesses that we recover quickly to improve our future.”
Currently, the Committee is intended to be active for the duration of the recovery phase of the pandemic and will exist until 1 July 2021.