Architectural practice dwp has announced Kit Boochangkool as the practice’s new worldwide Group Sustainability Leader, furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability.

With experience spanning across USA, the UK and Asia, Boochangkool has a personal passion in sustainability which he developed into a professional skill by studying global energy and climate policy in London.

The new Sustainability Leader’s expertise and desire to develop sustainable policy will ensure dwp will remain an environmentally conscious and innovative enterprise, from its operations through to its projects.

“Joining a global company like dwp, working in an industry that has such a large contribution to global emissions, allows me to shape real changes in the environment on such a large scale,” Boochangkool says. 

“dwp is at the forefront of sustainability, leading the construction industry towards being carbon neutral. We have already implemented sustainability initiatives across all dwp studios, we measure our energy use, water consumption and other environmental factors and we share the opportunities for efficiencies so that all studios and all of our people can work as responsibly as possible.”  

“By the end of 2022 we will be the only international architecture firm that will have all architects and designers accredited in the LEED sustainable design and construction assessment system. It is through our construction projects where dwp can most influence better environmental outcomes and have a bigger impact. LEED is a global benchmark and allows our design teams to demonstrate the measurable benefits to clients.

“We use the knowledge that I bring as an environmental sustainability specialist, with many years of experience advising industries and corporations to support our design teams and to demonstrate measurable, tangible benefits to our clients in terms of reduced operational running costs and better buildings. At dwp we are authentically delivering design for a better world.” 

dwp is a founding signatory of the ‘Architects Declare’ and believes built environment professionals are rightly at the forefront of delivering a substantial impact for better sustainable outcomes during construction and over the lifetime of buildings. 

The practice says the efforts to implement sustainable design practices can and will have a huge beneficial impact for clients and the planet. 

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