Architecture and design firm i2C Architects has added a new equity partner in Scott Palmer, Senior Associate and General Manager, to join the likes of Brian Jende, Anthony Merlin and Rod Rose, as owners of the business.

Formed in 1999 by Brian and Anthony, and with Rose joining the ownership team in 2018, i2C Architects has been built from the ground up and today turns over $16 million annually with offices spanning Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Responsible for managing i2C business activities and developing and implementing effective business strategies and programs, Palmer says the move to partner was a natural progression as he had always viewed himself as a business owner.

“I had always wanted to own a business, but I wanted to do it with great people and with a business that has really great potential, growth and an authentic culture, of which i2C was the perfect fit.

i2C Managing Director and co-founder Anthony said it was an exciting milestone to be welcoming Scott as an equity partner, as he personifies i2C’s values in all that he does.

“Scott’s passion and enthusiasm for business and his dedication to culture is what makes this partnership so appealing. From the time Brian and I started the business, and later with Rod joining, we have always been interested in developing talent ‘in house’ and exploring the idea of team members becoming equity partners, so this is the first step of an exciting new chapter in our business,” says Merlin.

Palmer says he hopes to provide a platform for others in the business to develop and grow professionally, just as he has.

“I plan to grow the business further so that everybody can be rewarded financially, inspirationally as well as culturally, while helping the founding partners fulfill their vision of an employee-owned practice, allowing them to enjoy being in a business rather than purely running it,” he says.

Image: L - Scott Palmer, R_ Anthony Merlin / Supplied