The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) announces the appointment of Andrew Fullgrabe as its new Chief Executive.

Fullgrabe brings to his new role extensive experience in defence, training and the housing industry; he has worked with the Australian Defence Force in a military role and performed a wide range of industry roles across the defence research and development sector. Prior to his appointment at CITB, he worked as director with the Defence Innovation Partnership.

Fullgrabe is well-versed with the construction industry, having worked as training manager for the Housing Industry Association. He was also involved in the creation of the CITB more than 25 years ago and established the Housing Industry Training Scheme. Fullgrabe will commence work in early 2021.

Fullgrabe was chosen after a rigorous selection process, presiding member Maree Wauchope said.

“In addition to his impressive career in defence, Andrew has a strong training background and he has worked closely with governments.

“I’m looking forward to working with Andrew and his appointment marks an important new chapter for the CITB,” she added.

Fullgrabe says he is looking forward to supporting the new and invigorated CITB Board as well as partners to address the pressing skill shortages faced by the construction industry.

“Priorities will be to meet with industry stakeholders and begin developing a new and focused agenda for 2021 to support the construction industry through these challenging times,” he said.