Construction work has now commenced on the Bonniebrook Bridge, which will easily connect residents of Mirvac’s Woodlea community to other parts of the development.

The 60-metre long road will unlock a number of key amenities for residents within the community, including schools, parks and Woodlea Town. Expected to carry 10,000 vehicles per day, the bridge will provide improved pedestrian connectivity to the metropolitan shared path network. 

The bridge has been designed in consultation with Melbourne Water, DELWP and Melton City Council due to its location within the Kororoit Creek, which is home to the vulnerable Growling Grass Frog and the first purpose-built wetland habitat in Melbourne. Given the species facing extinction, the Victorian Government is in the process of constructing more than 80 purpose-built wetlands across the state, with Woodlea’s being the first.

Woodlea Project Director Matthew Dean says developing the bridge in close proximity to the home of an endangered species was a challenge, but was thankful to all stakeholders involved.

“Being home to the first purpose-built wetland habitat in Melbourne is something the community can be proud of, as the Growling Grass Frog is one of Australia’s largest frog species, so it was important we could do our part in protecting it from extinction,” he says.

“Developing around this wetland has been of paramount importance, particularly as the community continues to expand, so it has been a collaborative process working alongside DELWP, Melbourne Water and the Melton City Council.”

The purpose built wetland forms part of Woodlea’s commitment to becoming Australia’s healthiest community, with over 30 percent of the entire Woodlea development dedicated to green open spaces. The estate has committed over $15 million in environmental restoration and infrastructure works, which includes preserving bushland and waterways. When completed, it is anticipated the Woodlea development will house over 20,000 residents.

Woodlea are currently in the process of fast tracking a number of infrastructure and land releases in order to cater for demand. A total of $11 million worth of infrastructure is being currently delivered in order to accommodate a secondary school, which has been slated within future plans.   

To be delivered as a Work In Kind Project, the Bonniebrook Bridge has been carefully positioned to avoid disturbance to these sensitive habitat areas and is due for completion in Q4 of 2022.