Container ships could be converted into giant hospitals that could sail to cities most impacted by coronavirus, under a proposal by UK architecture studio Weston Williamson + Partners.

The studio came up with the proposal as it believes that coronavirus Covid-19 will have a serious impact on countries that lack access to healthcare.

"It looks likely that Europe and USA will be decimated by Covid-19 but I really fear it will be a catastrophe across Africa, in India and other countries, and in refugee camps where social distancing is a luxury and access to running water and hygiene is more difficult," explains Chris Williamson, co-founder of Weston Williamson + Partners.

The studio believes that container ships could be a solution as they can sail directly to areas worst hit by the pandemic. Many large container ships are currently out of service due to the slowdown in global trade.

The hospital ships envisioned by the studio would each contain around 2,000 beds, with each shipping container holding one intensive care unit.

The hospital ships would serve as an alternative to the field hospitals currently being built in conference centres, including the Excel in London, and parks in North American and European cities.

"We are fortunate in the UK and the USA to have parks and open spaces in our cities planned for well being and health reasons by enlightened visionaries," Williamson told Dezeen.