Four concepts for the future design of Western Sydney Airport are available for public voting, two of which have design input from HASSELL and Cox Richardson Architects.

The competition is being run by Consult Australia and aims to provoke a broader discussion about what the public wants from the new airport.

All concepts incorporate wider infrastructure initiatives planned for Greater Western Sydney and a common theme is the synthesis of the airport with the government’s broader vision for the region—large and sustained population, occupation and economic growth as well as improved cultural and social amenity.

Detailed transport and cultural infrastructure plans are included for each, as are Environmental Impact Statements.  Timelines for the proposals show three stages of development, beginning with an operable airport by 2025 (Stage 1), followed by an expanded airport by 2035 (Stage 2) and a 2050 completion (Stage 3). Transport and cultural infrastructure upgrades are also planned concurrent to these upgrades.

The proposal from Group Two integrates renewable energy and a green roof. Click to enlarge.

State Manager for Consult Australia NSW, Alexia Lidas observed: “These four proposals provide fresh thinking on how this once in a lifetime, nation-building mega-project, can maximise its benefits for the community, business and government”.

Some of the highlights include:

A drive through airport, which processes planes like a carwash.

  • A low environmental impact model with a “runway in the rough”.
  • An Aerotropolis creating an entertainment and business hub.
  • An innovative terminal design integrating, renewable energy sources and a “green roof”.
  • A “Food Bowl” farmers market to offer passengers and visitors a taste of our exquisite food and fine wine.

“A Western Sydney Airport represents a rare opportunity. If the airport is going to be the game changer we need in Sydney, new thinking and smart planning is the key to ensure that the economic and social outcomes are maximised.

“We hope that through these four concept designs, we can inspire a bigger vision and a broader public debate about what design and planning options will achieve the best outcome for everyone.”


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Team One

  • Will Platts, Northrop Engineers
  • Paul Pulic, Everything Infrastructure
  • Jonathon Daniel ADP Consulting
  • Nick Kouvaris, Theiss

Team Two

  • Lachlan Abercrombie, Cox Richardson Architects & Planners
  • Matt Carter, Opus International
  • Johnaa Fragozo, Hyder Consulting
  • Rebecca Main,  Arup
  • Abbie Tipping, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia
  • Loan Morgan, John Staff Projects

Team Three

  • Flavio Rossi, Rider Levett Bucknall
  • Nick Owen, HASSELL
  • Dacid Dennis, Jacobs
  • Prudence Hickey, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia
  • Andrew Pettifer, Arup

Team Four

  • Rebecca Temperley, Taylor Thomson Whitting
  • Annie Townley, Aquenta Consulting
  • Karina Nilsson, Rider Levett Bucknall
  • Andrew Worboys, Parsons Brickenhoff Australia
  • Nando Nicotra, Jacobs

Members of the public are able to view the proposals and vote online at: The winner will be announced at a cocktail event on the evening of 13 November. 

Images: supplied.