A town centre, new parklands, playing fields and road upgrades will underpin the growth of West Schofields over the next 20 years.

“The new Town Centre will include cafes, shops and services and will become a meeting place for new and existing residents,” says the NSW minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts, announced today.

“The West Schofields Masterplan which will soon go on exhibition, will guide development of the community over the next 20 years.”

“The growth will include 4,500 dwellings made up of 3,850 ‘typical homes’, 490 higher density homes (villas, townhouses and apartments over the shopping centre), with the remainder as either existing or large lot homes,” says Roberts.

“It includes details of more public space and new playing fields to ensure a thriving community for West Schofields.

“Residents will be able to enjoy over 90 hectares of open space including 12 double playing fields and several new local parks under the new plan.

“We are also catering for and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for residents with the inclusion of new footpaths and cycleways to be built alongside new homes”.

Roberts says this was a good example of the Government ensuring vital infrastructure was built prior to people moving in.

The Western Sydney Special Infrastructure Contributions (SIC) will continue to apply to the area. The SIC outlines how essential community transport, education and health infrastructure will be provided.

“The NSW Government has already granted $39 million to Roads and Maritime Service and Blacktown Council to commence planning and design for road upgrades funded by SIC contributions,” says Roberts.