Market research firm Graphical Research has revealed that the global windows and doors market is on a strong growth path, spurred by increasing demand from end users.

According to the study, the upward trend in the industry is driven by several factors including users seeking state-of-the-art doors and windows to increase the overall aesthetic appeal; the growing need to create sustainable living spaces; the growth in renovations and remodelling activities in several regions across the globe; and a steady rise in disposable incomes worldwide, leading to an increase in demand for high quality residential and commercial spaces.

Construction and infrastructure activities are on the rise in developing economies and governments worldwide are increasing their investments in this sector. The window and door industry is set to witness substantial demand among end users in the coming years, according to market reports.

Here are the important trends that highlight the industry’s potential:

European nations see importance of sustainable living

The European windows and doors market is set to reach a valuation of more than $49.37 billion by 2027. One of the first regions to have realised the importance of sustainable living, Europe follows several codes and rules that support energy efficiency. The rising demand for energy-saving homes and buildings will see a higher uptake of energy efficient doors and windows.

Rise in commercial construction investments in Europe

The increasing demand for quality office spaces over the past few years has seen a corresponding rise in commercial construction. This trend has the backing of governments that have increased their investments in the construction and infrastructure industry and are also promoting smart commercial spaces.

With sustainability goals guiding design and construction, energy-efficient doors and windows are playing a significant role in building projects. Additionally, commercial buildings require doors and windows that can safeguard the building against burglary and fire.

Higher demand for uPVC doors and windows

uPVC will witness steady growth in demand in the windows and doors market in Europe. In fact, regional market share from the uPVC segment will grow at a CAGR of 5% through 2027. As a raw material, uPVC is ideal for doors and windows because of its lightweight and low maintenance characteristics when compared to conventional alternatives such as wood and aluminium. uPVC also provides better insulation against extreme cold and heat, and has minimal expansion and contraction, thereby, increasing overall durability.

China’s growing construction industry

China’s growing construction activity across industries such as education, healthcare, building and retail will significantly contribute towards the growth of the windows and doors market in the Asia Pacific region.

Surging demand for windows and doors for residential spaces in APAC

The Asia Pacific windows and doors market will be worth more than $92.1 billion by the end of 2027, according to market reports. The residential segment, especially, will witness increased demand among end-users in the region, with governments extending support through grants, and rising disposable incomes encouraging households to consider renovations.

Aluminum doors and windows, green construction in North America

Aluminium is finding increasing application as a raw material in door and window manufacturing, thanks to its aesthetic appeal as compared to other materials such as uPVC.

With green construction in the spotlight, wood framing is seeing a growing demand – this form of framing will give architecture firms a negative Global Warming Potential (GWP), helping developers earn financial benefits and tax relief in the future.

Commercial doors and windows requirement in North America

The North American windows and doors market is expected to be worth $39 billion by the end of 2026. The commercial doors and windows segment, which has held a regional market share of almost 30%, will continue to witness growth.

In addition to using glass doors and windows to enhance overall appeal and improve visibility as well, developers are also constructing buildings that are more energy-efficient and resistant to excessive heat. This is expected to positively impact the industry in the region. 

Image: Alspec’s ThermAFrame Flush Glazed Framing was used in the construction of La Trobe University Sports Park / Alspec