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Below is a list of our most popular products for 2015, based on the click-through rates from the Architecture & Design Product Newsletter.

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Below are the top 10 most popular products for Architecture & Design readers in 2015. Click through for more information on each.

1-1.jpg1.10mm concrete overlays from Covet

Covet’s unique concrete overlay possesses low shrink and high strength properties and is made actual concrete not an epoxy or fibre cement blend.

It is poured to a height of 12mm over a stable substrate then ground back to 10mm using conventional concrete grinding and polishing techniques. The result is a very custom floor with over 16 base colours and 18 aggregate options.


2.jpg2. 300 Series Curved Roofing System from Spantech

Spantech has a massive range of curved roofing systems that are very popular and suited to a variety of commercial applications. The Spantech 300 Series offers patented curved panels that are self-supporting (up to 30 metre spans) and do not require internal columns or trusses installed.



3.jpg3. Enviroslat Cladding from Futurewood

Futurewood's Enviroslat Cladding is a low maintenance timber alternative that doesn't require oiling and won't rot. It is made from recycled and environmentally sustainable materials so it is an eco-friendly choice. Futurewood Enviroslat also has a massive range of sizes and finishes.



4.jpg4. Laminex Clipwall

Reducing site time taken through the installation process, Clipwall panels are 10mm pre-finished MDF that clip together for a seamless finish. Laminex claims they are up to 5 times faster to install than traditional plasterboard, are scratch and UV resistant as well as splash proof and easy to clean.



5.jpg5. Rustic Barnwood from Texture Panels

Easy to install interlocking Rustic Barnwood panels create a realistic alternative to traditional barnwood without the rotting, splintering or fading of traditional wood.

Each panel is 24 inches tall and 48 inches wide, ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch in thickness and they simply slide together for a seamless barn wood finish.


6.jpg6. Glass Fire Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Systems from Technical Protection Systems

The Technical Protection Systems range of fire rated doors, window systems and curtain wall systems have been designed to meet a comprehensive range of applications in both domestic and commercial applications. All TPS door and window systems are supplied as a fully tested and certified system incorporating both glass and frame, as per the requirements of the Australian Standards (AS1530.4), and are available throughout Australia via a network of trained manufacturers and installers. 

7.jpg7. Kooltherm High Performance Rigid Cellular Insulation from Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan offer their Kooltherm rigid cellular insulation in a board format. They claim that it provides thermally efficient conductivity and thermal performance values, allowing users to reduce the thickness of their insulation in comparison to other insulation solutions. Kingspan’s Kooltherm Insulation Range includes boards for external walls, soffits and rainscreens as well as insulated plasterboards.


8.jpg8. LoE-i89® glazing from Glassworks

LoE-i89® is a single glazed low-E product that reflects escaping heat back into the room, making it a good glass solution all year round, especially during the colder months. It also comes standard with Glasswork’s Neat technology, an easy-clean coating which harnesses the suns’ rays to loosen dirt so the rain can wash it away.



9.jpg9. External Wall Systems from Covet

Covet offer a range of external wall systems that can be used for architectural styling. These include wood aluminium screening, aluminium panels, steel cables for creating vertical gardens and more.




10.jpg10. Forescolor coloured MDF from Porta

Forescolour is an engineered coloured board that has organic pigment integrated directly into its wood fibres which creates a consistent colour distribution through the entire board. Porta claims that this enhances the board’s durability and maintains its appearance in tough environments where laminates and painted surfaces show scratches and chips.  It is available in plain and embossed boards.