With foundations made from blast-furnace slag, wall cladding from disused carpet tiles and insulation from toothbrushes, the Waste House by BBM is said to be the UK’s first permanent building constructed entirely from rubbish. 

Located within the grounds of the University of Brighton, Waste House was designed by BBM director Duncan Baker-Brown together with undergraduate students, to demonstrate that “there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place.”

Recycled plywood beams make up the home’s framework, supported by ground-granulated blast-furnace slag, while used carpet tiles and waste vinyl exhibition banners have been applied as cladding.

Old toothbrushes, DVDs, floppy discs and denim offcuts act as insulation and can be seen through transparent panels that have been built into the walls.

The building will be used by students in the university's Sustainable Design course as they learn how to build houses and other products with minimal environmental impact.

Courtesy Dezeen