Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg has launched a crowdfunding initiative to help build the very first house on the lunar surface.

The Moonhouse is a three-metre by two-metre art installation home, which has been designed by American aerospace company Astrobotic to construct itself when it reaches the moon and is filled up with gas.

The house is currently 75% engineered to spec, and will be outlined by a thin sheet of specially developed space-cloth that will be stretched over a carbon frame. 

Paint manufacturer, Falu Rödfärg is sponsoring the mission, with the cottage painted a traditional Scandinavian 'Falun Red' trimmed with white windows and a front door.

The aim is to send the structure up to space in October 2015 on SpaceX's Falcon 9 spacecraft.

Every $1 pledged through crowdfunding is said to be helping take the house about 25 meters closer to its lunar destination.

Genberg originally conceived The Moonhouse project 15 years ago with the intent of it becoming a symbol for making space accessible to all people and to help boost interest in entrepreneurship, technology and science.

Image: Sara Medina Lind

Image: The Moonhouse project

Watch the team behind The Moonhouse project speak about their mission in the video below.

Video: The Moonhouse

Courtesy CNET