The City of Ryde is redeveloping the Ryde Civic Centre in a cultural and community hub with the new heart of Ryde architects, Plus Architecture.

According to the City of Ryde, research was undertaken for the Community Strategic Plan and it was identified that the community did not want any part of the site to be sold off to developers or contain residential apartments.

‘Our community also told us that there is a need to enhance cultural and community facilities to meet the increasing demand and ensure equitable access for all sections of our community,’ says the City of Ryde, according to a statement.

Plus Architecture’s Rido Pin says their design process for the new heart of Ryde project has been based on strong urban design principles following their analysis of the site.

“Understanding the impact of scale, proportions and height in relation to the immediate context was essential to come to a design solution which meets the objective of Council, creating a place for the community.”

“More than anything, the design is driven by connectivity to the context and its community. We see a dynamic, lively and inspiring range of spaces filled with people enjoying the landscape, art and activity that brings the community together.”

With an array of considerations such as form, scale, connectivity and environmental which are aimed to create a positive outcome for the community, the project is being seen by Plus Architects as an ‘exemplary project in terms of efficiency and sustainability.’

Alongside the ability to collect and reuse water, minimise waste and carefully consider energy use, the materials are to be durable to ensure the hub is standing as an iconic building indefinitely.