JetPack Aviation has introduced a brand new flying motorcycle for recreational use. The new Speeder – the world’s first flying motorcycle with vertical take off and landing (VTOL) capabilities – is designed for personal transport and promises to offer the same experience of riding a motorcycle but in the sky.

This latest innovation from the Los Angeles-based VTOL innovator is a turbine powered, fully stabilised personal aircraft that requires minimal pilot training, takes off from practically any location and can fly at speeds exceeding 240km/h up to a height of 15,000 feet. The sleek design of the Speeder is lighter than a traditional 125cc motorcycle.

JetPack Aviation (JPA) plans to build two versions of the recreational Speeder. While the Ultralight Version (UVS) will not require a pilot's licence to operate with all training to be provided by JPA, the motorcycle will have limitations on fuel tank capacity and flying speed. The Experimental Version (EVS) will require a private pilot's licence to fly and will have no fuel or speed restrictions.

The new recreational JetPack Aviation Speeder is currently available for pre-order for $US 380,000.

JPA is also planning a Military/Commercial Speeder model designed to get a person, paramedic or cargo across town, especially during medical emergencies or disaster situations.

Image courtesy of JetPack Aviation