Hurlstone Agricultural High School faces the threat of being unceremoniously booted from its south-western Sydney location, with its farmland to be developed into apartments.

Located next to Glenfield Station in south-western Sydney, Hurlstone is a high-performing selective agricultural school and New South Wales’ oldest government boarding school. The school has been at its Glenfield site since 1926.

The government has plans to relocate Hurlstone to the north-western Sydney suburb of Richmond, converting the school’s existing buildings into a selective school called Roy Watts High School and selling off the farmland to be developed into apartments.

Many residents are perplexed by this decision and have accused the government of erasing heritage for profit.

Labor’s MP for Macquarie Fields, Anoulack Chanthivong has promised to reject these plans if Labor wins the upcoming election.

 “The rate of development here is out of control, which includes selling off valuable school land. If Labor wins we will scrap the Liberal Party’s unfair precinct plans, and we will ensure that Hurlstone Ag remains in Glenfield,” says Chanthivong in a comment to the Sydney Morning Herald.  

Pictured: An artist's impression of the proposed new Hurlstone location. Image credit: NSW Government