The City of Sydney has released a proposed plan for development in Waterloo, in response to a recent NSW Government plan that was referred to as an “experiment in overdevelopment” and a “ghetto of tall towers” by City of Sydney’s lord mayor Clover Moore.

The NSW Government plan proposed 4,788 new dwellings for Waterloo Estate, only 28 of which would be extra homes for social housing tenants. This is in addition to other nearby state-led developments that will add thousands of more high-rise apartments to the area.

City of Sydney opposed the plan due to a lack of social housing and potential issues with overshadowing from the proposed high-rise buildings.

The City’s response is a plan for 5,300 new residences at a maximum of 13 storeys. The residences, which would be mostly between four and nine storeys, would sit around a major park planned for the site.

The 30-storey Matavai and Turanga towers would remain, as well as two other large public housing blocks that would be split into smaller buildings.

Overall, 45 percent of residences would be dedicated to social or affordable housing.

According to Moore, the City’s plan for lower buildings, wider streets and a large park would bring more natural light and ventilation to the residences, which is more in line with accepted urban design principles. She has argued that while the NSW Government’s plan includes two parks, the grass would struggle to grow in winter due to overshadowing from the nearby high-rises, and the spaces would be hit with strong winds.

In a comment to the Sydney Morning Herald, Moore has referred to the NSW Government’s vision for Waterloo as a “ghetto of tall towers and overshadowed and unsafe public areas”.  

Image credit: City of Sydney