A new modular cabin concept could just be the solution for the current pandemic-driven challenges in the hotel and leisure industry.

Hytte is a new hotel and retreat concept based on stylish prefabricated modular cabins that addresses the changing needs of the modern traveller. Designed by Koto Design in collaboration with Aylott + Van Tromp, Hytte enables landowners, developers and hospitality operators to quickly create retreats in natural settings that will appeal to a new generation of travellers who combine their aversion to mass market holidays and overbearing commercialism with a growing awareness of the environment.

With the global pandemic forcing people to redefine the traditional idea of a holiday amidst social distancing and movement restrictions, it’s highly possible that the future of travel lies in shorter localised getaways reachable by car, bike or foot along with a preference for increasingly isolated accommodation.

Hytte, which is Norwegian for ‘cabin’, presents an alternative hospitality solution that stands out for its simplicity, scalability and adaptability to varying needs and requirements. These turnkey design-led sustainable cabins are available in both off-the-shelf designs and bespoke co-branded units for hoteliers and leisure operators alike.

“The cabin assumes an elegant and functional sculptural form with large glazing that frames views of the forests and wild meadows,” observes Theo Dales, founding partner at Koto.

The modularity of the cabin allows the operator to expand and create a cluster of cabins in multiple configurations based on the idea of a traditional village community. Being prefabricated, these cabins can be quickly set up with minimal impact on the site. Each luxuriously appointed cabin features a living area, sleeping space, bathroom and kitchenette.

“Hytte is seeking ambitious partners to disrupt the current hospitality and tourism accommodation model from existing hotel brands to new start-up ventures,” says Nathan Aylott – co-founder Hytte/Aylott + Van Tromp.

The minimalist Nordic aesthetic captured in every Hytte cabin reinforces a sense of escapism, with each one designed to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings to offer a local connection to the guest. Bringing together Koto Design’s expertise in prefab architecture and Aylott + Van Tromp’s leisure and hospitality design experience, each cabin can be customised and furnished to suit the location, design preferences or branding requirements.

“The design for us wasn’t purely aesthetics, all about its looks, for us it was about providing both client and consumer with something a little bit different in these strange times,” Aylott explained.

“On the client front, the ability to harness a site or landscape with minimal fuss, creating an additional revenue stream and complete flexibility was always in our minds. Yet with the customer, we wanted to provide a sense of design led escapism and comfort that retains a raw feeling, the lovely pared back quality that comes from camping in the wild or being close to nature,” he added.

Photos: Merge Visualisation