The 15th Sustainability Summit and Sustainability Awards Gala was held on 11th November and what a day and night to remember. 

The day was filled with sustainable design from every perspective and through the lively and informative panel sessions the Sustainability Summit delivered information in spades. Abbie Galvin the NSW Government Architect began proceedings and as the first keynote speaker brought insight of her role in the Office.

With five sessions throughout the day, the relevant topics that matter to architects and designers were discussed, debated and dissected, and while each session was different to the last, the diversity of speakers and disparate perspectives ensured each session was interesting and rewarding.

The sessions included, 

  • Circular Economy ideas for Adaptive Reuse of Buildings, Designing a Perfectly Sustainable Building, 
  • Designing with Timber, 
  • Women in the Built Environment, and
  • Water Sensitive Design.

Through the digital Airmeet platform, audience members were able to virtually interact with speakers through emojis and also to ask questions. At the end of each session there was also the opportunity to speak ‘face-to-face’ virtually with panel members, ask questions and chat. Visitors could also meet in the Lounge and network and visit a sponsor booth to download information about products and services. To add to the excitement, there was a plethora of sustainably focused door prizes to win and a grand prize of a luxury eco-holiday from Luxury Lodges of Australia.

These sessions brought to the fore the challenges that face all in the design community today. With more than 30+ expert sustainability and industry leaders as panel members there was certainly diversity of thought that presented alternate viewpoints for everyone to consider.

The Sustainability Summit concluded with the closing keynote speaker, Dr Aaron Davis, exploring the ideas of Social Sustainability and then taking questions afterwards.

At 7.30pm the 2021 digital Sustainability Gala began with Peter Colquhoun as host and the excitement was palpable. With 10 categories and four special awards, the winners and Highly Commended projects and products were announced to much acclaim. The evening proved that sustainable design is integral to fine design and that to care for our planet, sustainability is key.

ECOPact Holcim

This year the Sustainability Awards received the most ever submissions and the calibre of the entrants raised the bar to the highest level yet. The Awards showcased design that speaks of caring for the environment and design that is sensitive to people, place and requirement.

The 2021 digital Sustainability Awards then concluded and the winners celebrated as social media went wild!

Congratulations to all who entered the 2021 Sustainability Awards – to those who received commendations and the exemplars who received awards – what an achievement! However, every architect and designer who embraces sustainability through their work is a winner and is to be applauded and lauded as well.

See you next year at the 16th Sustainability Awards, where we look forward to catching up and to meet, chat and celebrate in person together!