The Sunshine Coast Council has invested in its future by producing a design guide in the form of an image-based book. 

The book showcases how good design is vital to protecting what the community values most. 

The Sunshine Coast is coveted globally for its sub-tropical climate and natural beauty featuring sparkling waterways, pristine beaches and a lush hinterland. 

The Council is one of the largest and fastest-growing local governments in Australia, serving a diverse community of more than 300,000 residents across spectacular coastal, hinterland and rural areas. 

It’s a region famous for breeding some of Australia’s best architects, including lauded Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal winners, the late Gabriel Poole and more recently, Lindsay and Kerry Clare of Clare Design. 

Lindsay applauds the Council for its incredible support of design. 

“This is a critical step and I don’t know of any other Council in Australia that’s shown this type of leadership,” he says. 

“It’s an acknowledgement that the design of buildings and landscapes in the Sunshine Coast region, or any region in the country, is vitally important and should reflect what’s special about each place – the people, customs and landscapes that make that place unique. 

“The Sunshine Coast region has a good track record of producing quality architecture that’s been recognised at a national and international level. This book will encourage more high- quality architecture and design in the region.” 

While the Sunshine Coast is poised to thrive in coming years, unplanned growth could adversely impact the region’s special character and liveability. 

The Council recognises that large-scale bland developments and hot, treeless streets can erode the qualities the community values in the region. 

The community contributed to this process from a desire to protect what they love about the Sunshine Coast, which they expressed as: 
• We love our climate 
• We live within and cherish our landscape 
• We treasure our ocean, beaches and waterways 
• We are a community of communities

 Many leading designers, architects, planners and developers based on the Sunshine Coast and across South East Queensland were also involved in contributing to the Design book. 

Sunshine Coast Council Environment and Liveability Portfolio Councillor Peter Cox says the book is a valuable resource for designing or renovating houses, buildings, streets, parks, public spaces and neighbourhoods. 

“As more people are attracted to live on our Sunshine Coast, we need to encourage design that reflects our region’s values and characteristics and guide a design process that enhances and protects what we love about this place,” Cox says. 

“We want the existing character of the Sunshine Coast to be retained with building designs that are suited to our Sunshine Coast, rather than other locations.” 

The Sunshine Coast Design book is a guide for anyone making decisions about design on the Sunshine Coast, including architects, designers, developers, builders, planners and real estate agents. It also showcases examples of outstanding design in the region.