Start up company Sun Central has unveiled an autonomous sun-tracking system that distributes full-spectrum sunlight up to 15 metres within multi-storey buildings. 

The SunCentral System features circular framed SunBeamers, which are filled with carefully calibrated mirrors and integrated within a cantilevered canopy or an atrium.

Each Sunbeamer works to redirect existing sunlight onto the reflective louvers of SunShade and SunSpandrel devices.

The devices are controlled by an onboard GPS that tracks the location of the sun and rotates the reflective louvers to the best position for light harvesting.

The sunlight is then piped into the building’s interior through the hybrid SunLuminaire system, which features integrated LED lighting that is automatically dimmed when sunlight is present.

Sun Central has installed 20 of the flagship SunBeamer product onto the skylights of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin – a building that is overshadowed by a ten-storey building next door.

The company hope the system will one day be used to improve the quality of life for patients in hospitals, workers in offices, and elsewhere, as well as cutting down on energy costs incurred by artificial lighting.

SunBeamers installed at Canadian Embassy, Berlin

Courtesy Gizmodo and SunCentral Inc