The South Australian government’s quest to develop a model for low cost apartment living is gaining momentum with Studio Nine architects now chosen as the designers for the government’s Apartment Construction Cost Demonstration initiative (ACCD).

ACCD is managed by Renewal SA and aims to explore alternative construction techniques and designs to reduce costs and increase affordability of homes for South Australians.

Studio Nine will be joined by building company Mossop Construction + Interiors to develop the plans for a four or five storey apartment building at The Square at Woodville West. The project will be funded by Renewal SA if deemed affordable and well designed.

Woodville West is an urban renewal project also managed by Renewal SA and is anticipated to consist of 16 to 20 apartments that would be priced between the high $200,000s to low $300,000s.

Renewal SA Chief Executive John Hanlon said that over the next four to six months, Studio Nine and Mossop would embark on the critical research, design and documentation phase of the project.

“The success of the demonstration project depends on a spirit of innovation and strong collaboration between the design team and the builder,” Mr Hanlon said. “Together they will explore elements to reduce apartment purchase costs including building and site layout, construction methodology and choice of materials.”

“[The] price range is within the budgets of most households looking to purchase a home and we are confident that the lessons learnt through the demonstration project will be considered by designers and builders of other apartment buildings in South Australia.

“Studio Nine was able to demonstrate significant expertise and experience in cost-effective apartment design in a range of Adelaide locations including Lightsview, St Clair and Mawson Lakes. Their innovative and flexible thinking will complement Mossop’s vast experience in multi-storey construction.

Studio Nine Managing Director John Galluccio said his firm would bring to the project considerable knowledge and expertise in compact and affordable housing.

“Studio Nine is excited by the opportunity to work in a collaborative partnership with Renewal SA and Mossop Constructions + Interiors.

“The multi-disciplinary, collaborative research and development approach provides a greater variety of design opportunities which will be key to achieving the goals of this innovative program.”

Renewal SA, Studio Nine and Mossop Construction + Interiors will now conduct a series of industry briefings as well as work together on a design manual to showcase cost-saving techniques.

The project is also receiving advice from representatives of major industry bodies through an Industry Reference Group.