Studio Edwards added a new rooftop deck to a townhouse in the inner Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, creating an innovative outdoor space for the family.

Conceptualised as ‘a space of suspended reprieve’, Sky Pavilion is elevated in form and experience. Built as an additional storey over and above the house, the rooftop deck is designed as a permeable enclosure to provide privacy to the users of the space from neighbouring buildings while allowing them to enjoy views across the city’s skyline.

Connected to the level below by a suspended spiral staircase, the new deck sits above the house with minimal intervention, according to the architects. The deck has been designed by Studio Edwards as a cantilevered steel structure supported by adjacent boundary walls to sit above the existing roof.

The rooftop deck provides a highly versatile space where the family can cook, entertain or retreat for solitude. The sun-drenched space with its cocoon-like form is ideal for sunbathing while a street-facing triangular plunge pool offers refreshing respite.

The structure is oriented to minimise overshadowing. The faceted steel frame and FRP perforated panels provide shade and ensure privacy from the adjoining houses. The structure was fabricated entirely off-site and craned into position in a single day.

Photos: Studio Edwards