Disused grain silos in Johannesburg, South Africa have been topped with four floors of colourful shipping containers to provide housing for hundreds of university students.

The Mill Junction Project is the latest move in Citiq Property Developer’s endeavour to repurpose abandoned materials and buildings to create innovative housing.

Images: Citiq Property Developers

The 11-story grain silos make up the bulk of the complex, with many apartments contained within the cylindrical structure.

Windows and external doors have been cut into the silos and installed with the same double-glazing as the rest of the building’s windows and doors.

The entire building is fitted with efficient lighting features such as motion-sensor lighting and is equipped with communal kitchens, free wifi, study areas, a gym and various recreation rooms.

The student-complex is Critiq’s second undertaking of repurposing shipping-containers, having constructed the SixtyOne on Countesses residential apartment block in Windsor, Johannesburg, back in 2012.

Courtesy Web Urbanist and Inhabitat