South Australia’s proposed $260 million gas-fired power station has received 31 bids from companies across the world. Companies as far-flung as China, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Finland, Spain and the UK - as well as Australia - have registered their interest in building the new 250MW plant, which is being developed in the wake of controversy syurrounding the state's energy measures. The proposed initiative follows the SA Government's announcement of about half a billion dollars’ worth of energy security measures.

SA Premier Jay Weatherill says 90 expressions of interest have also been registered to build what would essentially be a giant battery, to be used for storing energy in off-peak times and capable of boosting available supplies at peak times.

Another reform, which will allow the energy minister to intervene in the state’s electricity market in new ways, was recently introduced by the SA Government.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has granted permission to 24 companies, including some of the state’s largest private employers, to seek a joint tender for the immediate supply of electricity. Representing 15 per cent of the electricity demand in South Australia, these businesses aim to employ joint bids to more easily secure reliable and affordable power supplies.