Campbelltown City Council and Urbis has revealed the Master Plan for the ‘Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan’.

The blueprint is evidence-based to realise Campbelltown City Centre’s role as the metropolitan centre for the Macarthur region, home to 800,000 people by 2040.

Campbelltown Mayor George Brticevic says it is unlike any of its kind.

“This masterplan has crunched the numbers to show how the delivery of open spaces, the urban design theme and infrastructure can positively influence employment, lifestyle and the sustainability of our city and its community within the next 20 years.”
Urbis Director, Madonna Locke said that working together with the Greater Sydney Commission, Campbelltown City Council, NSW government, industry and community stakeholders ensured that the Master Plan used stakeholder informed insights for one of the most vital ingredients for Campbelltown-Macarthur as a metropolitan centre – liveability. 

“In the past, a city’s performance and appeal was measured purely in economic terms, the Master Plan reflects the fact that today liveability and lifestyle factors are just as important in supporting a city’s success and a thriving population,” Ms Locke said. 

“The Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan shines the light on the potential of the region, informed by evidence such as economic viability, place-based concepts and capacity testing of growth and demand, community engagement and much more.” 

Campbelltown Mayor George Brticevic says the Master Plan is a highly collaborative, responsive and well-considered plan that will set our vision for Campbelltown in motion over the next 20 years. 

“We have worked hand in glove with Urbis over the past 12 months and the success of this collaborative relationship with our staff and the cross-functional team led by Urbis speaks for itself,” he said. 

The Reimagining Campbelltown City Centre Master Plan incorporates insights and expertise from Urbis’ Design, Planning, Property Economics and Research, and Community & Stakeholder Engagement services. Urbis also led a team of consultants, harnessing input from AECOM, Arcadis and Astrolabe.