In this episode of Talking Architecture and Design, we talk to Sandra Furtado, principal and director of Sydney-based architecture studio Furtado Sullivan on a range of topics from environmental efficiency in design, vernacular design, architecture across different continents, carbon neutrality, women in architecture, leaving a legacy and more.

“There are times when you are taken to almost extremes where you do question your role in the profession and whether it is relevant,” says Furtado.

“You know this happens because of external pressures that not only come from tough deadlines but also how much support you get from the people around you to solve complex problems.

“I have heard stories of colleagues who were broken by tough experiences onsite and had to take time off and get psychological support; they didn’t have a lot of help from the practice when all they were doing was trying to protect the interests of the project and therefore, the practice too. 

“When these things happen, you do question what’s right and hope that you are never in that position. But if you are in a position where you can make changes and influence, then you’ve got to try to help them or protect them.”