Made for Peugeot Design Lab, the 3 metre long ONYX sofa has been carved from carbon fiber and a porous block of Volvic lava.

The Volvic volcanic lava stone spent thousands of years filtering water before it was cut by hand and joined to the hi-tech carbon.

The result is a very structured and technical frame that merges into a smoothed seat, polished bench and sculptural backrest.

Pierre Gimbergues custom designed the ‘sofa’ as the first item in a series of unique furniture pieces for the Peugeot sponsor.

Seven sculptures were also made to accompany the ONYX sofa. These included lamps, shelves, armchairs and tables, created by marrying materials such as obsidian with concrete, red ferrous jasper & steel, quartz crystal & aluminium, sculpted wood & 3D printing, black palm & basalt, marsh oak & Corian.

Courtesy Contemporist