Design collective Penda have proposed a modular hotel made from rods of bamboo as their entry to the ‘AIM: Legend of Tent’ competition in China.

Titled ‘One With The Birds’, the project seeks to be ecologically conscious and aims to provide visitors with a closer connection to nature.

The flexible system allows the bamboo structure to be expanded horizontally and vertically, with the possibility of being configured into a single-family house, hotel, or rest station for hikers in the woods.

Inspired by the tipis of Native Americans, Penda developed triangle-shaped joints that hold horizontal bamboo rods in place with rope connections, rather than screws, nails, or bolts.

This method means the structure can be easily deconstructed, transported and reassembled at another site.  

For more permanent structures, Penda envisions the building’s skeleton accepting plant growth, transforming its overall appearance as it integrates with its forest surroundings.

Courtesy Designboom