A new residential project by a leading Melbourne property developer takes apartment design to a whole new level of personalisation.

To be launched in the city’s prestigious suburb of Armadale next month, Couture Armadale by Melbournia Developments is a low-rise apartment project featuring an Art Deco style and offering 19 units.

The design approach adopted by the developers steps away from the mainstream cookie-cutter strategy to elevate each apartment’s design to its own unique experience. This is achieved by rightfully placing buyers at the forefront of the experience and building quality, value and individuality directly into each apartment.

No two apartments are the same at Couture Armadale. The development targets a specific audience group instead of being a commercially driven project where the audience is an afterthought.

Melbournia Group director and founder, Zoe Zhu commented, “Couture Armadale is an honest statement of exceptional quality which demands attention. Its uniqueness and extravagance are tastefully executed. This is true sophistication. We’re expecting interest from a mature and cultured market who have a honed appreciation for beauty and are ready to indulge in life a little.”

“We were drawn to the Deco theme for its sumptuousness and character and you really see this in the detail we’ve applied. Each apartment is a real celebration of individual style, right down to garden beds. No one apartment is the same,” Zhu says.

The project is the brainchild of Melbournia Group director Kevin Phuong, who developed the concept and theme even before the site was acquired.

“I had a very clear vision for a specific demographic. There was an underlying gut feel and desire to create a residential experience that would engage this market emotionally,” Phuong says.

“It was important for me that it could express a level of detail not usually offered in an apartment setting, and that there was a real sense of thoughtful living integrated throughout.”

Armadale is home to a multicultural, educated and high-earning community that appreciates the high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques of its neighbouring suburbs.

“People are clear about why they want to live in the area and expect that the advantages and prestige the area affords them will be directly experienced in their own living environments,” added Zhu.

Melbournia Developments collaborated with multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design company Peddle Thorpe to design Couture Armadale. The development comprises of single, two and three bedroom as well as penthouse apartments.